Links you may or may not like

This page is still work in progress. Don't expect too much.


  • our Murdoch Murdoch Mirror: One of the best webseries ever. Alternative mirrors here and here.
  • Angry Goy II: Left wing terrorists have kidnapped the President! If he is not rescued, Western civilization will fall. Do you have what it takes, or are you a cuck?
    Game requires Windows, works from XP onward.
    Disclaimer: Some anti-virus software warns that they find some malware in the executable. Those most likely are false alerts, and the publisher explained this by saying, that the code he uses to support Xbox-controllers works very similar to how a keylogger would function. Also, the virus scanners which alert the user either are unheard of or known for giving out false alerts.
    Check for yourself: virustotal link 1, virustotal link 2
  • Shooting Targets: Shoot up your most hated memes during your meditations
  • Escape From Corona-Chan: Play our first helicoptarian Browser-Game
  • Large archive of all kinds of stuff (online again)


  • Imperial Library of Trantor: Download all your favorite ebooks Tor required
  • SFIA: Large Bitchute-channel explaining all kinds of futuristic stuff. For SF-nerds

Recommended Audiobooks


  • BitMessage: Anonymous replacement for e-mail
  • E-Mail provider with anonymous registration, hidden service, and cool domain names


  • Website of the tor project. That's where you get your torbrowser from
  • Hardened Live-OS for Tor-users
  • Hardened OS for Tor-users based on Multi-VM deployment
  • Hardened OS with excellent VM-isolation


  • Spergic and somewhat privacy-related blog with overview of stuff