Contact, discuss, chat or view forums


The most reliable way to contact us is over BitMessage using the following address: BM-2cVyxL3UgYZNJ7SHvzWRWWGErAimzsXymd.

Our open BitMessage channel is: "helicoptarian" (details here).

If you have trouble with using BitMessage we have a help thread on Poal here.


Our official forum is on Poal at

We had an old forum at, however sadly Voat became unreliable. We anticipated that Voat might come under attack or face problems, so we supported the creation of the alternative with 1.000 USD in 2018.

Chat channels

Our preferred channel chat is Riot at this channel.

While we prefer the Riot channel we also have a discord channel. Be aware that unlike Riot, Discord logs a lot more user data and is known to censor people.

Backup solutions

Aside from the aforementioned solutions and backup solutions if all else fails we have agreed to use 177 kHz AM long wave radio to reconnect in disaster scenarios.