The American constitution 2.0

Here you may read our manifesto outlining our underlying philosophy, how we plan to achieve our goals and our constitution with our specific and foundational rules.

The whole document is only 20 pages long and the core rules section less than 6 pages long. Whether you wish to join or understand our movement it is much recommended reading.

We were previously known as the "Emergency Nation", but renamed to the more specific "Helicoptarian Constitocracy". We are still the same movement with the same rules though. "Constitocracy" means "rule by constitution" and while similar to a republic is different in that our constitution cannot be changed which makes corruption over time impossible.

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Helicoptarian Constitocracy manifesto and constitution

Chapter 1 - Introduction

To understand this document see the references below and chapters 2 and 3:

  • Atlas Shrugged - Ayn Rand
  • Sex and Culture - J. D. Unwin
  • Starship Troopers - Robert A. Heinlein

The goal of this document is the immediate resuscitation of civilization in case of degeneracy, socialist overspending or oppressive authoritarianism.

The rules are based on what has historically worked combined with modern science.

The rules are overly discriminatory and simplistic; this is because of the nature of this document that is on paper and must be easily conveyable and simple to implement. This statement is meant in contrast to a blockchain based political software system.

I wish to be clear and acknowledge that the white race and westerners are currently being eradicated in a "white genocide". The powers that be have implemented extreme feminism which destroys the white family while at the same time importing other races and even enabling terrorism.

All of this is again funded by the tax money paid primarily by whites and other productive members of society, leaving them with less to start their own families.

I don't care why or what conspiracies may or may not lie behind, this handbook is the immediate solution as well as a general guide on how to achieve freedom.

In order for the guide to work you must practice it like a devout monk does his religion. You will however find that the guide does not ask much beyond a certain attitude.

Symbol and name

Name: “Helicoptarian Constitocracy” (the latter part meaning "rule by constitution").

Members: “Helicoptarian citizens” or “Helicoptarians”.

Symbol: Helicopter (associated with physical removal of socialists). Helicopter logo

Chapter 2 - Know your enemy

Your enemy is extremely dangerous. Their ways may seem nonsensical and even self-destructive to you, but this is not the case.

I will here give two examples, of what your enemy is like and later describe some other things to help you navigate.

Artistic subconscious example

A simple pop culture example is the "zombie". A zombie spreads its kind by infecting or killing others. A zombie cannot be reasoned with.

Zombies may appear harmless as they shuffle about, but they are extremely dangerous to a lone individual.

Zombies are generally hard or impossible to cure though it could theoretically happen.

Zombies are filled with hatred for anything living. Mostly they shuffle about mindlessly, but if they see something nice and alive they attack in a frenzy.

Zombies worship death and hate anything nice.

Zombies are real in a sense. They go by many names and usually change this name.

Examples are: Socialists, democratic socialists, communists, Muslims1, Marxists, violent imperialists, feminists, Jews2 and Nazis3.

These are all people that valued their own safety, their ego or domination of others above all else. To avoid this mentally degraded state in your own mind see chapter 3.

You will find that anything said about zombies apply to these people. They will seemingly mindlessly follow evil authority, but intelligently attack in a frenzy individual thought or attempt at reform. Ultimately they will kill you, if you do not conform to their ways or pay their taxes.

You may find this talk of zombies silly or even disbelieve such self-destructive behavior to be possible. However it is important to remember that it is not destructive to them.

They temporarily benefit as long as, they can drain other people. They are parasites.

A parasite will ultimately kill its host, but the host is not the parasite.

The parasite will simply move on.

Whether certain human genes code for parasitism or if this is simply learned behavior is not known at this point.

Most likely both are factors.

Chapter 3 describes how it works on a neurological and utility functional level.


1) Islam is considered a zombie faith because the Quran preaches death to non-believers.

2) Judaism is considered a zombie faith because the Talmud preaches death to non-believers. “Jews” are not a race. A Jew can stop believing in Judaism and become simply an Israelite.

3) Nazism is considered a zombie faith because of their violent imperialism and more importantly because they are socialists. There is no moral problem with white supremacists or nationalists that just want to live in peace without paying for other races; see chapter 4 rule 6. Indeed the Helicoptarian Constitocracy should ally itself with such factions.

Nature based example

Further there is one more example. This is from nature:

Polyergus Breviceps is a species of ants. It is a parasite of sorts.

Their mandibles (used for fighting) are so large that, they cannot raise their own young.

They do not work either.

Instead they stay alive by invading the ant hives of Formica ants. A normal species of ants. When the Polyergus queen invades an enemy hive, it will kill the Formica queen.

Then it will lick the wounds of the dead or dying queen to obtain its chemical signatures.

After this the Polyergus queen will output fake chemical signals that pacify the Formica hive. The Formica hive will now serve the invaders and raise their young until the hive is exhausted.

If you have ever wondered why, socialists talk complete nonsense or demand your empathy while clearly wishing you dead, this is the reason. They are not actually expressing their genuine thought, they are pacifying you with fake and twisted words.

It is for this reason that you absolutely must not under any circumstances allow taxes to raise above what is outlined in chapter 4.

Even if you become extraordinarily rich you must not raise the taxes.

The female selection algorithm

Women as a class are more likely to exhibit parasitic behavior and that is why you absolutely must not let them vote.

The second women can vote, they vote for higher taxes and handouts. The second you allow that, your society is doomed.

Historically speaking nations disintegrate about 100 years after, women get the vote.

While the relationship between women and men is obviously symbiotic, it is in female nature to make unreasonable demands and thereby goad men into fighting over them.

It is crucially important to remember that, women did not lose historically or evolutionarily speaking if their tribe was conquered.

If a society goes to war or two men fight, the woman will usually always get to mate with the winner. Hence they have no incentive at all to safeguard their civilization.

If you want to give women the vote you might as well skip the extra steps and just sign up for gladiator fights and slave camps to begin with.

This is not by accident nor a flaw in human evolution. Women have smaller brains than men and have an on average 5 points lower IQ, so even if natural evolution worked via logical mate selection they would be fundamentally unable to know which mate was best.

This is why nature uses “tournament mating” to find the absolutely best mate using any and all criteria. While this competition fundamentally cannot be escaped, it is usually nonviolent and monetary in a free and civilized society.

While you might think humans are above such primitive behavior, I have outlined exactly how women goad men into fighting below. Keep in mind that most of this behavior is likely entirely unconscious driven by a natural tendency towards narcissism, depression and a general lack of contentment.

tournament mating

The Helicoptarian constitution in chapter 4 solves the problem with clear relationship regulations, banning “white knighting”, establishing objective rules of law in general and ending female suffrage.

Political graph

To help you classify your enemies, I have included a simple graph here with some illustrative examples. Traditionally the political spectrum goes from left to right, however this hides the truth.

There are basically two types of socialism: Internal and external socialism. Internal socialism uses force to take from its own population of producers. External socialism conquers new territory to reap external resources.

The latter is typically associated with expansive empires that occasionally look successful and impressive, until they run out of easy conquests.

This is the true nature behind the left wing and right wing political spectrum.

A third axis exists that emphasizes peaceful coexistence and self-reliance; i.e. producing value rather than taking it.

This axis is typically known under names such as meritocracy, capitalism and libertarianism.

It is also this underlying truth, I believe, that led to the "horseshoe" theory.

source of civilizations resources

It should be obvious that the aim of this document is to go as far along the third axis as possible while maintaining a standing army and fair courts for protecting freedom. The rest of society will be left to the free market.

Although liberating conquest is theoretically possible, it is better to let people join you willingly to avoid inviting hostility, unless you are attacked first and attempts to de-escalate fail of course.

I call this and the general focus on self-reliance the "minimal aggression principle", though I doubt, I am the first to coin that phrase. The libertarians use the phrase the "non aggression principle", but I find our version to be more flexible, readily understood and useful in more situations.

Chapter 3 - Strengthen your soul

Key human drivers and utility functions:

  1. Pain and hunger
  2. Pleasure and ego
  3. Family
  4. Curiosity

The above drivers are all healthy human instincts. However they are not equal and given hard choices, you can live your life after only one ultimate principle.

The "zombie" or parasitic psychological state happens when, a human focuses primarily on baser instincts; the more base the instinct, the worse the zombie state becomes.

For example socialists focus on avoiding pain, hunger and getting pleasure. They ultimately act like complete addicts or animals and find no deeper meaning to their pursuits.

Their lives are empty enjoyment followed by long periods of fear of loosing food or comfort.

This is ultimately how they come to hate life itself and people who are simply happy.

Basically to enjoy life you must be ready to risk it. You must be able to bear necessary pain. You should appreciate comforts and pleasures, but not live your life for that alone.

Family is a greater instinct as it considers the future and what could be. If you have good genes you should of course pass them on.

However too much focus on family leads to blind hatred of other peoples and violent imperialism in an effort to dominate the world with your genes.

Much like you have to eat to survive and exist, you have to pass on your genes for your people to exist, however hunger does not excuse the thief and your tribe should not control you or the world.

Curiosity is the highest instinct humans have. A pursuit to explore and understand the world never has to end.

It will be endlessly rewarding.

Curiosity is the source and true nature of what, one might call the soul or intelligence itself. At a very basic level it is the desire to be able to predict things. All true science is likewise based on the principle, that understanding is measured by one's ability to predict things ("positivism").

Zombies are not curious, they only feel hunger that can never be sated. Kill any empathy you have for them, they will never reciprocate.

The only pitfall to curiosity is to forget to reproduce. An intelligent healthy man should have at least 5 to 10 children over his lifetime, even if this means cheating, divorce or concubines.

The easiest most honest way to go about, it is to use surrogacy or contracted mothers.

If great men do not reproduce, eventually only zombies will be left and no real people to understand the great men’s art, writing or creations or even to marvel at the universe itself.

To strengthen your soul learn to embrace pain and hunger as a reminder that you are alive and working hard and focus on being as curious as possible while still maintaining your life and a healthy family.

When the world is your playground, you will fear nothing and never tire.

When in doubt courts and leaders of the Helicoptarian Constitocracy should use the goal of human exploration of the world as the highest priority.

If doing science and other exploration is the most righteous thing one can do, one might consider to fund a lot of science with the state.

This will however work poorly, because such a "scientific" community would in the best scenarios be beholden to political interests and in the worst end up doing nothing but paperwork.

Since curiosity is latent to intelligence itself, the Helicoptarian Constitocracy instead aims to achieve the desired result by letting its people be as free and self-reliant as possible.

If they are not intelligent, they will starve without welfare and if they are intelligent and free, they will do science, explore the world and other wholesome activities.

Chapter 4 - Constitutional rules

The following rules shall apply to the Helicoptarian Constitocracy's controlled areas and serve as its constitution.

If you wish to be and remain a free man, even if there is no Helicoptarian Constitocracy, you should seek to live by these rules and hold the values in the rest of this document as well. To be a Helicoptarian is a way of life. The greatest possible sin is of course to willingly pay taxes. Blessed be the money launderer and the lazy slave.

Citizen rights

§1. Citizens shall have the right to own and bear any arms including, but not limited to, military vehicles and weapons of mass destruction. No exceptions shall be made, nor permits or registrations required by the state, except for while citizens serve prison sentences.

§2. Citizens shall have the right to free speech, except for what is mentioned in rule #31 and #74. “Free speech” includes libel, slander, lying, invasion of privacy, hate speech, creating, sharing and viewing videos or audio from court cases as well as creating, sharing and viewing videos or audio of criminal acts including murder, rape, theft and pedophilia. Crimes committed on videos and audio or criminal acts facilitated by lying or other acts of free speech are still crimes. Consent gained through lying may be ruled invalid.

§3. Citizens shall have the right to private property, enterprise and use of technology without permission or registration etc.. No job type or title such as medicine/"doctor", law/"lawyer" or others shall be government regulated or require a license. Only activities that hurt others or their property physically without consent, through non-negligible pollution or through non-negligible carelessness may be fined, prohibited, regulated or their originators sued for physical damages. Fines shall correspond to the cleanup costs and no more. Civil suits for physical damages fall under rule #65.

§4. The citizen fee cannot be changed or increased and there shall be no taxes. This includes tolls, tariffs, fees, fines, forced insurance participation, VAT, income tax, corporate tax, inheritance tax nor any other imaginable forced commitment or tax from anyone. There shall likewise be no conscription outside the voluntary citizen’s service, no forced labor, confiscations, eminent domain nor anything else similar.

§5. All trade with all nations and peoples shall be uninhibited, unregulated, free and untaxed.

§6. Citizens shall have the right to discriminate in private trade, employment, property use and contracts. Discrimination may be related to, but not limited to the following: Race, politics, religion, sexuality or prearranged use of a private arbiter for criminal or civil disputes.

§7. Citizens shall have the right to assemble and organize.

§8. Adult citizens shall have the right to do with and to their own bodies as they wish including, but not limited to, using experimental medicine, drugs or performing various sexual acts. Parents may consent to use of experimental medicine on behalf of their children including the use of genetic engineering.

§9. Self-defense, armed or otherwise and whether of oneself or for assisting others, shall not be punished. This shall apply only if care is taken to warn off aggressors, de-escalate, fire warning shots and shoot to maim rather than to kill if possible.

§10. “White knights” and police that violently interfere in spousal fights or try to arrest the man without good reason may be shot and killed in self-defense.

§11. Slapping, spanking and other mild violence during for example bar or spousal fights shall be considered "communicative violence" and police should not interfere.

§12. While not recommended parents may spank their children. The state may only interfere in families in life threatening situations or in cases of court proven rape, where rule #19 does not apply. Parents shall have the authority, responsibility and "ownership" over their children, not the government. Parents may decide among other things, but not limited to these, their children's education or homeschooling, diet, medicine and jobs.

§13. Using surrogates or contracted mothers is recommended, but in marriage a husband may slap, spank and cane his wife, unless the spouses explicitly signed other contracts.

§14. Abortions are allowed for any reason, but must take place before the first heartbeat of the fetus. Abortions at a later time may only be allowed for medical reasons or in the case of birth defects.

§15. If the state is called upon to decide visitation, it shall always be 7 days at each parent every 14 days, unless a parent is proven in court to be a threat to the child's life or raping the child.

§16. If the state is called upon to decide custody, the father shall always have custody, unless he is convicted of hard crime or the spouses explicitly signed other contracts, in which case another ruling may be made.

§17. There shall be no alimony, child support or similar concepts, unless the spouses explicitly signed other contracts.

§18. In a divorce both parties shall keep their own belongings, unless the spouses explicitly signed other contracts.

§19. As long as a woman chooses to stay married coerced sex with and by her husband shall not constitute rape.

§20. Both spouses may divorce for any reason.

§21. Prostitution shall be legal. Both parties must test for and disclose diseases first or be held liable for damages and criminal suits.

§22. Using surrogates and contracted mothers shall be legal. Money for surrogates or contracted mothers should be held by a third party until, a paternity test can be done. Professional mothers and mothers with many children should be complimented and not shamed.

§23. Businesses facilitating prostitution, surrogacy and contracted mothers shall be legal.

§24. There shall be equality before the law for all, especially women, the elite and members of the state shall not receive lenient treatment.

Management and acquisition of citizenship

§25. During phase 1 the yearly cost to be and remain a citizen shall be equivalent to 10 grams of silver (~5 USD 2017).

§26. During phase 2 the yearly cost to be and remain a citizen shall be equivalent to 100 grams of silver (~52 USD 2017).

§27. During phase 3 the yearly cost to be and remain a citizen shall be equivalent to 850 grams of silver (~480 USD 2017).

§28. If people cannot pay to be citizens, doing unpaid service in the military or police under council authority shall be allowed instead. This applies to any rule mentioning "payment of the fee". The required service time shall be 100 hours per year of payment per citizen paid for. Citizens shall not be charged both the fee and also be required to do service, either contribution alone shall grant citizenship.

§29. The fee cannot be lowered or abolished and non-citizens must be exiled.

§30. Persons must be citizens to reside in and to own anything in Helicoptarian Constitocracy territory. Otherwise they must be exiled from the nation. Tourists without ill intent or zombie faiths may pay and stay for periods shorter than a year, but must pay 5 grams of silver per day of their stay (~2.8 USD 2017). It is the duty of Helicoptarian Constitocracy police to regularly check, that any residents do in fact have proof of citizenship and to exile them, if they do not. Non-citizens shall receive no protection nor legal due process in the Helicoptarian Constitocracy. Especially invaders and infiltrators may and should be treated with extreme brutality, even if they are not armed.

§31. Persons inciting initiation of violence, arguing for forced taxation, arguing for women voting or arguing for not exiling non-citizens or preventing non-citizens from being exiled shall be exiled. “Non-citizens” are persons not paying the fee nor doing service or those violating this rule.

§32. Muslims, socialists, communists, Nazis, Jews and other "zombies" that argue for violence or forced taxation shall be exiled. They all breach rule #31.

§33. Feminists that argue for women voting shall be exiled. They breach rule #31.

§34. Former zombies may become eligible potential citizens, if first they renounce their zombie faith and beliefs. They also have to pay the fee or perform service of course.

§35. Paternity tests shall be required for all children. Parents failing to comply must be exiled. Fathers may opt out only if they sign a statement that they "accept the risk of cuckolding".

§36. Parents must pay for citizenship and paternity tests for their children or both be exiled.

§37. Persons must be citizens and 18 years old to vote and be considered independent adults. Upon turning 18 they must sign a copy of this constitution or leave the nation.

§38. Any intelligent beings, including non-humans, who wishes to join the nation shall be allowed to do so, provided they sign a copy of the constitution and pay the fee or perform unpaid police or military service.

§39. Nations, tribes, movements and other areas shall be allowed to join the Helicoptarian Constitocracy, provided they accept the rules here.

§40. Citizens who stop paying the fee and do not perform service for any reason must be expelled from the nation. No Exceptions.

§41. Women and children who cannot pay the fee and do not perform service for any reason must be expelled from the nation. No exceptions.

§42. Cute little girls who cannot pay the fee and do not perform service for any reason must be expelled from the nation. No exceptions.

§43. Old veterans who cannot pay the fee and do not perform service for any reason must be expelled from the nation. No exceptions.

§44. Exiled persons shall be allowed to bring whatever belongings, they can with them and sell their properties in the Helicoptarian Constitocracy in absentia within 6 months. If the 6 month time frame is exceeded, the properties must be sold to the highest bidding citizen in an open auction and the earnings used as fee money.

§45. Being exiled is not permanent. Citizenship can always be reacquired by satisfying the requirements stated in these rules, but only then. Renouncements of ill intent and zombie faiths must be ruled sincere by a judge or the council or this rule will not apply.

Legislative and executive branches of government

§46. Only men can vote, women cannot.

§47. The rules cannot be changed to allow women to vote.

§48. Up to 6 council members shall be chosen every year through a STV (Single Transferable Vote) voting system. The Hare threshold shall be used and leftover votes shall be distributed proportionally by secondary and tertiary choice. For example a second-choice-candidate may get 30% of a full vote.

§49. The yearly votes for members of the council shall either be entirely public and non-anonymous or mathematically verifiable by any third party using cryptography. It must be ensured that the vote is legitimate and that only registered contributing male citizens vote.

§50. The council shall hold supreme authority over the police, military, those doing service and the public finances. Fee funds must be paid to and controlled by the council directly.

§51. The Helicoptarian Constitocracy shall only be responsible for militarily defending territory and police. Citizen fees and service may only be used for those purposes. Everything else must come from voluntary private exchange and insurances.

§52. The elected council member that bests all the others in a chosen board game or intelligence test shall have 2 votes and the others 1 vote each. The default test will be chess, if nothing else can be agreed upon by all members.

§53. Only male citizens can be council members. Any male citizen may run for the council. There shall be no officially compiled ballots and voters may vote for male citizens, that are not running for the council. Candidates may also run anonymously.

§54. A cryptocurrency independent of the Helicoptarian Constitocracy, silver or gold shall be accepted for all fee payments. Silver shall be the default legal tender, but citizens may otherwise use, create or demand whatever currencies, they desire. The state shall not take loans or issue money, but may invest and save.

§55. Councilmen or judges that act as if, they are above the rules here or that do not apply them to society should be warned by the public. If they do not heed the warning, exile or assassinate them if necessary, there are only 6 councilmen and no other government branches precisely to facilitate this.

§56. Each councilman may propose a new law. For such a law to pass the majority of the council must first vote to pass it and to renew it every following year and then the law must pass a popular vote. At least 30% of the electorate must participate and at least 60% of those must be in favor of the law for it to pass. Each such law must also be individually renewed by such a popular vote every 10 years or the law automatically expire.

§57. The constitution shall supersede all subsequent laws and such laws may not violate any part of the constitution or it shall be invalid. The constitution shall also supersede any other religions, philosophies, cultures, alliances, treaties, ideologies, "will of the people" and anything else in Helicoptarian Constitocracy territory.

§58. No state or state backed courts, "experts" or institutions with any sort of authority concerning anything to do with contracts, divorce, marriage, surrogacy, contracted mothers, crime, custody, visitation, property or law enforcement in general may be established outside the council or judges appointed by the current council. Any such institutions should be burned to the ground immediately. Private mutually voluntary arbitration is always allowed.

§59. Neither the council nor the people can change this document.

§60. If citizens wish to change or replace this document, they may secede from the Helicoptarian Constitocracy in two ways with their own private property and thus create a new nation. The council may approve such an event directly or secession can happen automatically if 5% of all male citizens approve within a 5 year period and if the new territory is on the border of the Helicoptarian Constitocracy. No holdouts inside seceding territory may become isolated.

§61. Companies shall compete to provide policing and military protection and the council shall reward the best performing company the most of the budget and geographic area to defend or police.

§62. There shall always be multiple military and police service providing private companies.

§63. Military and council leadership must pursue minimally aggressive and alliance friendly policies. Defend reactively and only if necessary and compensated de-escalation proves impossible use retaliatory conquest and add the conquered enemy invader's lands to the Helicoptarian Constitocracy. Expand territory primarily by colonization of Terra Nullius wilderness, purchase of sovereign land and voluntary inclusion of other peoples and their territory.

Judicial branch of government

§64. Only male citizens can be appointed judges by the council. The council may dismiss a judge at any time and for any reason. Judges must be reappointed yearly by the current council.

§65. If there is a dispute between one or more citizens over contracts, copyrights, patents or any other civil dispute, it may be resolved by either a judge in a court open to the public or via mutually voluntary private arbitration. If voluntary arbitration is used, it shall supersede Helicoptarian Constitocracy authority. Once a dispute has been resolved via either the courts or private arbitration, the ruling shall be enforced by the state or may alternatively be enforced using private police. Most contracts and arbitrary rulings concerning consenting parties shall be respected even when violating other rules. Unreasonable contracts or arbitrary rulings such as unlimited liability contracts with no reasonable exit options (i.e. slavery) or death may be overruled. "Unlimited" shall here be defined as personal liability contracts exceeding a period of 10 years or a commitment exceeding half of one's income or time awake. Both limits shall be applicable only after losing all of one's assets and shall not apply to non-personal contracts such as liens or shareholder agreements. Scams based on lies or unexpected hidden clauses with great impact can also be overruled. The punishment for signing an unreasonable or badly written contract and getting out of it shall be 1 lash in public. This rule should not be abused to overrule "unfair" contracts and most "unfair" contracts should be upheld, especially the ones women have signed.

§66. Crimes must be proven beyond reasonable doubt in a court open to the public and judged by the council or a judge. The judge must be unassociated with the case and if possible of the same tribe and race as both accuser and accused or of a different tribe from both. The accused shall have a right to a speedy trial within 3 months and only the accused suspected of being violent threats may be placed under arrest before a guilty verdict. No arrests shall be allowed outside such cases and instead surveillance and escorting may be used if ordered by a judge in a public court. If both accuser and accused voluntarily agree to use private arbitration the Helicoptarian Constitocracy shall have no jurisdiction over their case.

§67. Witness testimony alone can never be enough evidence for a conviction. Doubly so for female testimony. The accused shall also have the right to face and challenge any accusers directly in the public court. All of this goes for police testimony as well.

§68. Accused citizens shall have the right to a lawyer, if they can afford one, in both courts and interrogations and may elect to remain silent at any time. The accused may elect to not participate in interrogations outside of the public court. The accused shall have no obligation to incriminate themselves, nor should they be coerced or tempted to do so. Confessions, guilt, lack thereof or mental state shall have no effect on the severity of punishments.

§69. Criminals serving their sentence may appeal their case in a public court once per year before a new judge. If the appeal is ruled frivolous, it may be punished with 1 lash.

§70. Criminal cases handled by the state shall be free. In contract, copyright, patent and other civil disputes handled by the state, fees may be charged in shared fashion to both parties to pay for case handling and contract, copyright, patent or other dispute resolution enforcement. Private arbiters and private police may do things differently.

§71. If a violent crime cannot be proven, but doubt remains, the suspect may be placed under invasive police surveillance or escort for up to 2 years. All criminals found guilty of violent crime may be placed under invasive police surveillance after serving their sentences for up to 10 years. The decision must be taken by a judge in a public court and renewed thusly annually.

§72. Police shall have no special rights or authority normal citizens or private police do not. Any citizen may stop and investigate violence and crime as this is “assisting self-defense”, but they must have probable cause before interfering in other citizens’ lives or entering private property without permission from the owner. All accusations must be brought before a judge or the council in a public court, unless both parties voluntarily agree to using third party arbitration. The authority to carry out otherwise illegal coercion or to enter or seize private property in cases not related to immediate crime or self-defense must come from these rules and the council or a judge.

§73. Members of the state, especially judges and council members, shall receive double the normal punishments and be barred from state positions for 2 years minimum if found guilty of a crime.

§74. If proven in court that an accuser, witness or lawyer knowingly lied or omitted critical information in court, the punishment shall be equal to what the accused could have suffered.

§75. Entrapment is a valid and great policing tactic and it shall be used.

§76. Patents and copyrights shall last 30 years. Anyone may use patented technology or copyrighted material, but 10% of profits made doing so must go to the patent and copyright holder(s). Patent and copyright holders must pay all costs of any required police enforcement. Related information must be fully published, which shall then automatically grant a patent or copyright.

§77. The age of sexual consent shall be 14 years old. Older more resourceful men should not be shamed for choosing young fertile women.

§78. The punishment for murder shall be 20 lashes in public, 15 years of hard labor and being used for testing experimental medicine.

§79. The punishment for violent and armed robbery or assault or any burglary shall be 15 lashes in public and 3-5 years of hard labor.

§80. The punishment for violent assault shall be 10 lashes in public and additionally 2-3 years of hard labor if repeated within 2 years.

§81. The punishment for rape shall be 15 lashes in public and 2-3 years of hard labor, unless rule #19 applies.

§82. The punishment for carelessly spreading incurable sexual diseases or other serious diseases shall be 10 lashes in public and 1-3 years of hard labor.

§83. The punishment for begging, theft or entering private property without the owner’s consent or cause for suspicion of crime on the property shall be 5 lashes in public and additionally 1 year of hard labor if repeated within 2 years.

§84. Threatening another citizen with a lethal weapon without great cause shall be punished with 2 lashes in public and 2-4 months of hard labor.

§85. If rule #3 has been broken, i.e. a crime has been committed against a victim, but no specific criminal law applies well, the judge may apply a punishment based on existing criminal laws. Such punishment shall not be less than that for a milder crime, nor greater than that for a more severe crime.

§86. In apparent legal contradictions the more specifically applicable rule or mutually signed contract takes precedence. If in doubt remember that the highest priority must be liberty and human exploration of the world.

After some decades or centuries of applying these rules to society, your women are probably going to be super nice and hardworking.

At this time you may think "this old document doesn't apply to us, let's let women vote!".

You cannot allow this because, as noted in chapter 2, women fundamentally have no incentive or instinct to safeguard civilization, as they are not responsible for it and no matter what they will get to mate with the victor in a collapse.

Maybe you will think "Surely now that everyone has their own spaceship, feeding the only 2 starving children in the world with taxes will be okay". But no, you cannot do this either, as this would quickly increase the number of parasites exponentially.

It may seem counter to Unwin's findings to allow prostitution and non-marital relationships, but the important factor is that women face consequences for their choices.

If there is no socialism, women who choose bad men are going to end up getting kicked out of the country or starving.

This along with the ban on spreading disease and the paternity tests will ultimately yield the conservative values, Unwin found to be important.

Chapter 5 - Establishment

If it is possible to colonize Terra Nullius, buy sovereign land or legally secede, that is the best, but this and the following chapters assumes, it is not and that secession must be be forced through.

The Helicoptarian Constitocracy is to be established by transitioning from a movement to a full nation in phases.

The last sections deal with specific country types and how the phases will be slightly different for each.

First forum and elections

As of 2020 our forum is If this site is taken down, a BitMessage mailing list will be used as a backup or to select a new forum. If all else fails we shall use AM long wave radio at 177 kHz to reconnect.

Communication channels are important as we use them for signing up, voting and coordinating future actions.

Open forum:

It is best if you use this forum using the TOR browser or the TAILS OS and a dedicated Poal account.

Alternatively the following is my current BitMessage address: BM-2cVyxL3UgYZNJ7SHvzWRWWGErAimzsXymd

All citizens will be added to the BitMessage mailing list as well to ensure communications.


In all phases the important thing is to establish a new system and new authority based on the safety, you can provide and the elections you hold.

You need to show people an immediate practical alternative, that can grow organically.

In short you are doing lawful organized vigilantism. In the end you want to be so much better at keeping people safe and making such fair rulings in your vigilante courts, that people both inside and outside start to ask themselves why, anyone would want something else.

If your society is deeply corrupt, which is likely, if this guide is needed, simply holding parallel elections is going to be a powerful wedge between the people that demand change and the establishment.

The other key component is to withdraw as much as possible from the old system economically, even if there is some initial loss and pain in doing so.

Reading Sun Tzu’s book “The Art of War” is recommended to understand the relationship between armed force, politics and economics.

In all phases the Helicoptarian Constitocracy should attempt to ally itself with aligned movements and nations.

If the followers of this document are split up for some reason, they should similarly try to reunite or at least stay allies. Specifically alliances should entail shared military defense against third party aggressors and otherwise peaceful coexistence and trade. Alliances should not come at the cost of compromising core Helicoptarian values.

Working outside the normal job market and later moving to a remote location to restart civilization will not initially be comfortable, however once your new nation is off the ground, you should soon find yourself richer and freer than before.

Do not fear; women will come to you as soon as, you have constructed comforts and have resources.

Not all totalitarianism is the same. Some measures will be crushed by some systems and somewhat tolerated by others. Adapt as necessary, this guide should only be seen as inspirational.

The more tyranny you face the harder it will be. In all cases acting sooner rather than later is better.

If you are under total physical or mental control your only option will be to breed your own best and hope your masters become lazy and degenerate. Escape under such conditions could take generations if ever.

I will not mention how, but perfect forms of inescapable slavery are possible, don't wait until it happens to you.

Phase 1 - Movement

In the first phase the Helicoptarian Constitocracy citizens are few in number.

In this phase you must work to embrace the black market and cryptocurrency.

In this context black market does not refer to hard crime, but rather working for untaxed cash payments if possible.

Some examples could be repair work, construction, running errands, cleaning or private IT support.

You must also establish a forum or communications network, where you can talk, count members and vote.

You can consider "sharing couches" in an impromptu “underground railroad”.

At this stage you still have to be careful not to break the old laws too much, but provide as much safety and mobility to your members as possible.

Finally you should also wear the symbol of the nation on something such as armbands, pins or hats. This serves to give people an identity and grow in support and numbers.

The goal of phase 1 is largely to do things, friends or even individuals can do immediately to protect themselves while growing in numbers and organization.

Ultimately the leadership must decide when to transition to phase 2, but it should be when, you reach around 100-10.000 people and have secured or can secure a geographic area with exclusively or almost exclusively members.

The easiest way to reach this number might be to have people commit to moving somewhere together, much as the New Hampshire Free State project did.

In extreme cases of oppression this approach could also theoretically be used to transition directly from a numerous, but purely ephemeral secret phase 1 community to phase 3 (a nation).

The key to such a “manifest nation” strategy would be perfect trigger coordination via the council and strong member commitment when finally called upon.

Below I have listed things that can be done from phase 1, some should be suitable to situations of limited oppression, some to harsh oppression and some to both situations:

Both scenarios:

  • Fliers spread anonymously
  • Underground railroads
  • Grow your own food, construct your own housing and collect rainwater
  • Black market
  • Use cryptocurrency, gold and silver and forge paper fiat

Limited oppression resistance:

  • Forum
  • Armbands or other apparel

Authoritarian resistance:

  • Flee to other country, even if it hurts your family it will help in the end
  • Falsely reporting officials and other powerful members anonymously as "traitors" causing the system to attack itself - especially if reporting is encouraged by the regime
  • No apparel or at least symbolic secret types only
  • Secret and in-person communications channels

Phase 2 - Parallel society

In this phase a large number of citizens should be together in a geographic location living together.

This area should function as an extended gated community within the old society. You will still not be able to outright break the old laws, but you will be able to bend them.

To avoid being politically targeted you may pretend that your phase 2 community is a community of a culturally safe type such as Christian or something else depending on your circumstances.

Disputes should be solved internally in courts applying the rules and to the extent possible the rules should start to apply when not in hard conflict with the old state.

Shops and citizens should call your police and not the external police now. In this phase your police should be called something benign such as a "neighborhood watch", as the word "police" is likely to be claimed exclusively by the old state.

You will have to ask criminals to take their punishment voluntarily and banish those that refuse. Self- defense, citizen's arrests and barring persons from privately owned property within the old laws are always possibilities of course.

While physical enforcement cannot be used at this stage, if you cannot simply banish criminals or non- citizens from the property of your community, your police can instead shame and heckle them.

In other words your police will at this stage rely largely on psychological force.

While this might sound silly, you would surely not like to live a place, where people refused to trade with you, followed you around and constantly told you, that you were not welcome.

You should also punish and potentially exile anyone that engages with the old state or bring in external police at this time.

If external police is truly needed, it is best, if your own police make that decision.

External police or state presence should also be harassed as much as possible.

Simply chanting "you are not welcome" to both non-citizens and intruding external police can have a large effect due to the social nature of humans.

You will also want to have some kind of doctor or other medical expert, so that citizens won't have to interact with the old state for such matters.

This is especially important, if you have citizens, that are considered illegal immigrants by the old state and must rely on hiding within your parallel society in order to join your movement.

Promoting someone doing local news or a news source that is unbiased or aligned with your cause will be good to keep people on the same page and resist outside propaganda.

This need not be more effort than a simple public statement as to which news channels, you think, your citizens should watch.

The net effect should be similar to the no-go zones established by Muslims in the West or other parallel communities such as the Amish.

Below is the list of things you might do in phase 2, don't forget to continue efforts from phase 1.

Both scenarios:

  • Probably none; phase 2 must be quite different in the two scenarios, intentional communities will not be possible without basic property rights and freedom of movement

Limited oppression resistance:

  • Anonymous parallel society/intentional community, being officially something else, even for example a communist commune
  • Promoted friendly/unbiased news source(s)
  • Psychological policing
  • Self-policing and independent health care
  • Unofficial land subdivision and ownership, ignore some laws of the old state

Authoritarian resistance:

  • Secrecy, resistance cells, lying and forged documents
  • Getting your own people into positions of power

Phase 3 - Helicoptarian Constitocracy established

Once ready you simply transition from phase 2 to 3. First in payments to ramp up resources, then later you start to apply only your own laws and completely disown the old state.

Do so by increasingly confronting, ignoring and flaunting the old authorities.

You should be very powerful before doing this. Controlling at least 5-10% of the male population and a military rivaling normal nations.

When going to phase 3 you should have been in a stable and increasingly powerful phase 2 for years.

You can prepare peacefully for phase 3 during phase 2 by building various defensive structures and bunkers as this is often not illegal or it can be hidden, if it is.

You can also stockpile arms, body armor and even armored vehicles.

Even though the Helicoptarian Constitocracy should not normally need rely on volunteers having a well armed and prepared militia should be promoted, when you transition to phase 3.

This will give you the necessary force, in case the old state reacts to your independence with a full invasion attempt.

When you engage phase 3 including as many areas that wish to join you as possible is advisable. The problems of the old nation should prompt many to seek the order and freedom, you offer.

Let such people joining you pay their first few years of citizenship by donating their land to your nation, even if they will still own it under your laws.

When you do this, you should invite other movements to move with you and start their own neighboring nations.

You will not agree on everything, but can trade and share defensive duties at least.

Relevant parties are nationalists wanting to save their nation and libertarians. These groups should be compatible allies at least.

If you are in an oppressive authoritarian regime, phase 3 will be different. While a parallel market and network if not a parallel society (phase 1-2) should still be possible, claiming an area will be difficult.

You may have to progress from phase 2 to a war of sabotage and resistance first. The next 3 sections will outline how to break out of different types of old dysfunctional societies.

Below is the list of potential actions for phase 3.

Both scenarios:

  • You may be able to invade and impose your order in a foreign collapsed or collapsing nation

Limited oppression resistance:

  • Announce secession and back it up with guns
  • Buying sovereign territory or colonizing wilderness (and backing it up with guns)

Authoritarian resistance:

  • Passive resistance; stop working, work slowly and malicious compliance
  • Sabotage
  • Assassinations
  • Take over, secession or coup when the society starts to run out of money and you are strong
  • Don't invite foreign powers; you will only get new masters and keep the same administrators

Militaristic parasitism (Imperial Rome/modern USA)

Often when well functioning free republics are corrupted they still have momentum and wealth from their glory days.

This can easily lead to a stage of corruption, decadence and socialism fueled by foreign conquest and wealth generated in the past.

In the graph on page 5 this would correspond to sliding down from the top to the bottom right.

Parasitic societies always have some authoritarianism and will foster degeneracy, but in the early stages may look like functioning societies, especially conquering ones.

When the good soldiers are dead and both the wealth and easy conquests run dry, freedoms will start to be drained instead of wealth. This is because any ruler must satisfy the "keys to power" and when wealth runs out only increasing levels of oppression can gather resources or maintain order by force. The society may well pass through a stage of socialism and decay after losing the ability to conquer, but before reaching total tyranny.

The strategies for limited oppression should work for you until then if you can avoid being drafted.

Socialism, feminism and forced multiculturalism (Sweden)

A society can become degenerate and divided from an initial state. It can happen naturally as the initial culture fades under peaceful easy conditions or when a conquering empire fails. However, it is often a conscious choice of a tyrannical ruling elite to weaken the population and secure their power. The society thus moves towards the left axis of the page 5 graph.

Such authoritarian strategies have been well analyzed by Machiavelli in the Prince.

As such the decay in morals should not be taken to mean a soft state system. The government may still be tyrannical and crack down on you.

In such a society you may get away with all sorts of perversion, crime and ill character, but not challenging the government for a second or owning much. The term "anarcho-tyranny" has been used and I find it fitting as police will roam the streets looking for your money right alongside criminals. Usually first wealth will be drained while possible and after that freedoms will be drained.

At some point the society will be so corrupt it transitions to outright tyranny without pretenses or is conquered from the outside which usually leads to the same result.

The strategies for limited oppression should work for you until then.

Authoritarian tyranny and dark age (North Korea)

Authoritarian societies can often be less degenerate as the ruling class has already attained power and does not need it to weaken the populace and because there will be no enabling welfare for the people. Both freedoms and wealth will have been drained at this stage, in the graph on page 5 authoritarianism is at the bottom, but any welfare left will be for the oligarchs only.

Advanced civilization and technology is often hard to maintain under these conditions and may have to be imported. The nature of authoritarian societies will largely depend on the new ruler, it may grow worse, languish or even be reformed, although immediately returning to free republican rule is largely unheard of.

It is important to know this is the final stage of failed free civilizations and that there is never a kind of automatically liberating "collapse" as some dream of. Being conquered by foreigners is more likely.

Authoritarianism is a dangerous foe, but also the system with most support in the population for reformers, the most foreign nations to defect to and a weak system in pure military strength.

I wish to be clear that any violence should absolutely be the last resort. To actually attack your old society rather than just leaving should only ever be justified if, people are being murdered left and right and escaping to another country is impossible.

If you must pay taxes beyond a bare minimum (see rules) you are in fact being attacked and have the right to be violent in self-defense, however I still discourage it because violence is often ineffective and expensive. Manning a trench is far easier than charging one.

That said doing sabotage of key economic infrastructure can drastically weaken a society. One man can easily destroy many millions of dollars worth of equipment or economic activity, without even killing anyone.

Assassinating a dictator or other key personnel or even coups should be the absolute last resort. If you follow this handbook, you should never need violence. Your enemy will be bankrupt simply from you

not working and not paying taxes long before violence should become necessary.

If you still do it, focus on people directly associated with extreme injustice and brutality. Never ever kill civilians or even soldiers and guards, unless you must. This will make you a force of justice rather than brutality in the eyes of the people.

Sabotage is the best if you must be aggressive because, it is something that weakens the old authority while still appearing peaceful.

Almost any counter measures, the old system takes, are going to drive even more people to your cause either because of their heavy-handedness or more annoying daily controls.

It is also impossible to protect every pipeline, rail track, transformer station, road, bridge and wire in a country.

The strategies for authoritarian oppression may work for you. Acting sooner rather than later is best as permanent and perfect enslavement is theoretically possible.