Buy Helicoptarian Land

The Helicoptarian Constitocracy is the only nation in the world that will let you buy land tax free, free of property taxes and even pay anonymously using cryptocurrency.

Furthermore our communities will allow you to do whatever you want with your property with no worries about zoning or such a concept even existing (as long as you do not harm others).

Because of our innovative and classically liberal constitution we can offer both normal Helicoptarian land as well as for example white nationalist land areas. No matter your choice our anti-feminist and anti-socialist policies make any Helicoptarian Constitocracy land ideal for either tax free business use or for raising a family in a healthy environment.

Our current land is in so called "intentional communities" or what we call "phase 2". If you are not familiar with the concept it is comparable to the well proven Amish or Muslim Shariah communities. While regular laws still technically apply we will seek to manage our own affairs.

You can review the contract we use for standard Helicoptarian land here.

You can review the contract we use for whites only Helicoptarian land here.