Bitmessage Help

Bitmessage Help


Linux Mint install guide (should work for any debian derivative likely):

  • Mark as executable
  • A shortcut can be created by simply selecting the appimage file in the shortcut creator

For Windows installation the download link and exe file here should work:

Shared chat:

Pass: "helicoptarian"


I had a problem I solved in the following way:

I checked the log file at "home/.config/PyBitmessage/debug.log and ~debug.log.1" to troubleshoot the problem.

If your client gets messed up the solution can be to close the app, clear the files ~/.config/PyBitmessage/knownnodes.dat, ~/.config/PyBitmessage/messages.dat and ~/.config/PyBitmessage/keys.dat and then starting again.

These are the Linux paths so on Windows you may have to look somewhere else, but that is what to look for.

My particular problem was due to an incorrect system time, but checking this may help you solve other problems as well.

Unresponsive/message not sent/received:

It seems BitMessage often gets "stuck". Under the sent tab you can see if your messages have actually been sent. Refreshing the sent tab by switching to the inbox and back again can help.

If your messages are not sent after 10-20 seconds rebooting BitMessage may help. You may have to do this several times.

(We know it is crap and will work on replacing it)

Debian package by a Heli citizen (Aspirant):

Old comments:


When BM is not connecting, it's usually due to a bad/old list of peers.

Under linux there's a file called: ~/.config/PyBitmessage/knownnodes.dat If you stop the client, delete this file, and start the client again, it should connect again. That's how to resolve problems with the connection.

When BM is run via tor - as it should be - you won't get a connection, if the system time is wrong. Tor needs the correct time, or else it won't connect. BM probably also needs the correct time. So it's a good idea, to have the time automatically updated via NTP.

If there are problems with sending messages, it may be due to a outdated version of BM. I had such problems years ago, and, according to the developers, too many outdated clients were the root of the problem. However, it appears, as if recent versions don't have this problem. At least I haven't notice danything like this for a long time, and I somehow only have peers with a recent version of BM.