We Stand For:

  • Economic Freedom
  • Male Authority
  • Parental Rights
  • Physical Removal of Violent Ideologies


What is the Helicoptarian Constitocracy?

The short version of our ideology is that we would restore male authority, economic freedom, parental rights and we would banish violent religions such as Islam and Marxism.

Initially we can create intentional communities in existing nations as for example the Amish have done, while we become fully organized. We would then establish our new fully independent nation by preferably buying or inhabiting remote territory.

In other words we don't have to wait for the world to end or convince half the population - we can organize and rebuild now!

To join our cause you must become a citizen. You can read about becoming a citizen here.

Before becoming a citizen you may wish to study our proposed laws, methods and philosophy. You can read about those in detail in our constitution.

We were previously known as the somewhat generic "Emergency Nation" which some might know us by. Despite our new name we are still the same organization with the same values and rules.

Frequently asked questions

  • Q: Do you think this will work?

    We have a vast advantage over the rest of the right movements in that we don't have to convince half the population of some communist or democratic country. We only need enough to start over somewhere in the world.

    There are a lot of deserted areas on the planet if you can defend them. There are also many poor nations that might sell territory.

  • Q: Are you serious?

    Yes, we are very serious. As the founder I am working on this full time and among our current recruits we can already count aerospace engineers, IT professionals, ex-police, veterans, investors and others. You can also see here that we have already bought land for a phase 2 community.

  • Q: How can we possibly rebuild civilization or a nation from scratch?

    We don't have to. We can buy machines for producing food, energy and water on the open market. We can even buy pre-fab houses. This is the absolutely easiest part of the whole operation. The hard part is finding people prepared to suffer mild temporary inconvenience for the sake of their own future liberty and survival.

  • Q: How will we earn money to buy things we can't produce ourselves in the long run?

    Our initial phase 2 communities will still be in contact with the old society.

    Almost as soon as we control our own territory we can offer at least three insanely valuable products: Legal surrogacy, legal advanced biotech and free finance.

    Technologies such as CAR-T cells, DRACO and CRISPR have already been invented. All these technologies need is a regulatory safe space which our constitution can provide.

    Men wishing to have children that they are actually allowed to raise or men seeking legal surrogacy should also be drawn to our nation.

    Our nation could also serve as a tax haven for foreign companies and raise money that way.