"Der Sieg" is a National-Socialist text-based game series being made by Vasily Kukushkin. It is similar to the famous "Zork" but also features a lot of graphical elements and some RPG mechanics, like dialogues and turn-based combat.

In the first episode, "Der Sieg: Blue Skies Are Around The Corner" you'll be playing as a British Gestapo detective and get to explore the Gestapo precinct and delve into the world of occupied London, 1944.

More Informations:

Release Date: April 20, 2021
Last Updated: April 21, 2021
Rating:  (1488)
Platforms: Windows (On Linux and MacOS the game can run in an emulator)
Genre: Text-based, RPG, Single-player
Tags: Alternative Universe, RPG, Greggs, Single-Player, Sci-Fi
Average session: 1 hour
Accessibility Not suited for leftists and psychologically fragile people.


Windows: Der_Sieg_1.1.rar 300 MB
Windows Tiny Display: Der_Sieg-AntSize-1.1.rar 300 MB


Keyboard and Mouse



This game was made by Vasily Kukushkin, and is only hosted by the Helicoptarian Constitocracy. The Helicoptarian Constitocracy does not condone National Socialism because we like having good genes while welfare does niggrify the population. However, we feel a game about hunting down antifa communists is healthy entertainment and a good way to relax from clownworld. Enjoy.

In any case, this is vasily's page, so we positioned this disclaimer in the least obstrusive way possible, and hope, that it didn't disturb you too much.